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Hammer Mill

The Hammer Mill is a very useful machine when making pellets. It is used to crush or hammer materials by the high speed rotating hammers. The hammer mill is good for reducing materials with a size of under 2 inches in diameter. The output size of the material will be between 3-5mm. This is a perfect size to make wood pellets or any bio pellet. The hammer mill is used for grinding all kinds of biomass materials like tree branches, wood chips, stalks, grain, straw, leaves and so much more.

Model#      Power           M.S.Output lbs/hr*       Packing         weight          Price      


HM198G    6.5HP Gas         330-770lbs/hr*         27”x23”x39”     309lbs          $1795.


HM420     22HP                   880-1650lbs/hr*       58”x29”x44”     882lbs          $3995.

                  Electric start with Cyclone


* Manufacturers Suggested Output under ideal conditions. Listed output is for reference only. Your output will vary with material,   conditions,experience,machine,etc.

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  * Manufacturers Suggested Output under     ideal conditions. Listed output is for     reference only. Your output will vary with     material,conditions,experience,mill,etc.